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November 2, 2023

Iteration X Just Launched a Integration

Iteration X now has a’s integrations to make contextual issue capture and tracking faster than ever.
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We're thrilled to share that Iteration X is now on the list of native integrations offered by! 🎉

In addition to our current integrations with Jira, Linear, and Asana, you can now effortlessly link Iteration X with thousands of other tools using our integration, starting with your preferred project management platforms, including Trello, Notion, Monday, and Clickup. 

Not to mention, you can also easily export your issues into CSV reports, Google Sheets, or Airtable projects, making reporting on projects that much easier.

Iteration X makes bug capture better with context

For engineering, product, and design teams out there, releasing a new feature or site is just the beginning. Once you go live, the next step is to track down and fix any bugs or issues that pop up.

That’s where Iteration X comes in. The Iteration X Chrome extension lets you annotate live websites or web apps directly in Chrome, making the whole process smoother. You can skip the tedious steps of taking screenshots, setting up video calls, or getting lost in endless Slack threads. With Iteration X, you capture issues with full visual context in just a couple of clicks, and let your team get straight to resolving them.

The and Iteration X integration makes sharing bugs and feedback much faster - previously called Integromat, if you haven’t come across it before - lets users create automated workflows between different applications and services, even if they don’t have native integrations.

Users can design custom workflows using a visual editor, where they connect apps and set up triggers and actions to automate repetitive tasks. With the ~1600 integrations offered by today, the possibilities for teams collaborating on software projects are wide open.

Examples of automated workflows with bug capture in Iteration X

Automated Bug Tracking and Task Creation:

Workflow Description:

When a team member reports a bug or issue in Iteration X, the integration with can automatically create a corresponding task in, ensuring that the issue is tracked and managed in the project management space.


- A bug is reported in Iteration X.

- The integration detects the new issue and extracts relevant details, specifically the project name and the issue title and description.

- A new task is created in the Monday board matching that project, with the task title and description sourced from Iteration X.

- A comment is added on a task to the project owner to assign the task, ensuring it’s addressed as soon as possible.  

Synchronizing Design Feedback

Workflow Description:

Designers using Figma can receive direct feedback on their designs within Iteration X. Once an issue related to design is reported, can be configured to send a notification or comment to the Figma file, alerting the designer and providing them with specific feedback.


- An issue related to design is reported in Iteration X.

- detects the issue and identifies it as design-related.

- A comment or notification is sent directly to the Figma file, alerting the designer.

- The designer can view the feedback and respond or make changes as necessary, all within their design environment.

Code Review and Issue Resolution:

Workflow Description: can automate the export of every issue created to Google Sheets, including their resolution status, and update the status of every task regularly, so that you can build real-time charts representing your team’s progress over a set period of time.


- A bug or issue is reported in Iteration X.

- detects the issue and creates a new row in a previously created Google sheet, with all matching data points, including issue status and creation date. The row has a blank value in the ‘Date resolved’ column.

- Some time later, the bug or issue status is marked as ‘Resolved’ on Iteration X

- detects the status change and adds a new value in the ‘Date resolved’ column.

These are only a couple of examples covering some of the use cases we’ve come across so far. If you have tested other ways to use that you think could be powerful with a bug capture tool, please let us know!

Iteration X users build great products faster

Iteration X is more than a project management platform or an issue tracker with a bug capture tool. It’s a powerful AI collaboration application that amplifies your team's impact.
One of my favourite Chrome Extensions, makes issue tracking SUPER fast!
Andrey Vinitsky's avatar on Iteration X Chrome store review
Andrey Vinitsky
Iteration X is a great Chrome extension that helps you to highlight the Bugs on anywhere on the page and easily share with developers. It should also provides facility to manage multiple projects and store all the defects information related to it in separate folders.

I would highly recommend to use this product!
Mohammad Adil's avatar on Iteration X Chrome store review
Mohammad Adil
Super easy to use and navigate - even non-techy people can adapt quickly.
Juliet Destura's avatar on Iteration X Chrome store review
Juliet Destura
I used Iteration X as a first time user and it was quite intutive and easy to use. Allows to pinpoint any part of a website to identify
potential UX UI related design issues.

It can be used to review any website and collaborate with others who can view the
reviews as well together.
Prashant B's avatar on Iteration X Chrome store review
Prashant B
Honestly, it's the most productive chrome extension that I have used in my career for documenting issues that we face building and developing a web application. The best part is the way it pins the area where the issue actually is and you can navigate to that very easily. And also the shortcuts to create and save the issues are amazing.

So, as far as I'm concerned, I'm definitely gonna use this one in my chrome productivity tools from now on!
Bilal Tufail Khan's avatar on Iteration X Chrome store review
Bilal Tufail Khan
Great application that allows smooth collaboration between web designer and users!
Nikki Yeo's avatar on Iteration X Chrome store review
Nikki Yeo
I adore using IterationX because it helps me and my team collaborate more precisely and productively.

The simplicity of it is unbeatable.
Zeeshan Vertex's avatar on Iteration X Chrome store review
Zeeshan Vertex
Amazing extension that made my communication with developers much easier!
Ekaterina Shevyakova's avatar on Iteration X Chrome store review
Ekaterina Shevyakova
Iteration X is a wonderful tool that can help you to select and give any suggestion for anyone whom it concerns.

It makes your life easy!
Bikila Habtamu's avatar on Iteration X Chrome store review
Bikila Habtamu
Coming across this tool was  really good.

Its is an easy to use tool with good user experience. Its a great tool for UI/UX designers to collaborate on any project that requires this tool.
Waribugo Godspower's avatar on Iteration X Chrome store review
Waribugo Godspower
It's really easy to use app and I loved it for bug capturing.
Sohaib Munir's avatar on Iteration X Chrome store review
Sohaib Munir
It really make me to post issues and also make comments on a web page. It also user friendly and makes my work more easy. I wish i could rate it more than 5 stars.
Ahmed Yusuf's avatar on Iteration X Chrome store review
Ahmed Yusuf
A great tool to highlight issues on a website with ease and complexity at the same time.
Waribugo Godspower's avatar on Iteration X Chrome store review
Roshan Aziz
It's a really useful app in regards to UI UX point of view. Provide easy feedback with user-friendly interface.
Mohsin Amir's avatar on Iteration X Chrome store review
Mohsin Amir
Great tool for iteration, fast, quick and easy with many great features!
HypcynTaH Hypran's avatar on Iteration X Chrome store review
HypcynTaH Hypran
This is very helpful and great tool to raise any issues on websites! 100% recommended!
Clarisa Santos' avatar on Iteration X Chrome store review
Clarisa Santos
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