At Iteration X, we prioritize the privacy and security of our users' data, ensuring that our issue tracking tool remain both reliable and trustworthy.

We are excited to announce that we have recently achieved ISO 27701 certification, further reinforcing our commitment to the highest standards of data privacy and security.


What is ISO 27701?


ISO 27701 is a privacy extension to the globally recognized ISO 27001 information security management standard.

This certification complements our existing SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001 certifications, showcasing our dedication to protecting user data and adhering to best practices in privacy management.

Prescient Assurance, a Top 10 STAR certified auditor by the Cloud Security Alliance, conducted the audit for our ISO 27701 certification, ensuring a thorough and unbiased evaluation of our privacy management system (PMS).

Our issue tracking tool enables teams to identify and report problems on live websites and web apps and capture the full context as well.


Iteration X features and the importance of ISO 27701


Iteration X goes beyond traditional screenshot tools by providing a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline team collaboration and product management.

Users can capture and annotate issues, group them into projects, and easily share them with team members or collaborators.

With ISO 27701 certification, Iteration X reinforces its commitment to protecting personal data during the entire issue management process. This includes securing console and network logs, viewport sizes, URLs, and even the underlying code.

The certification guarantees that sensitive technical information is handled with utmost care, preventing unauthorized access or unintended exposure.

By obtaining the ISO 27701 certification, we demonstrate our commitment to implementing and maintaining a robust privacy management system that meets the standard's requirements.

We have established and documented policies, procedures, and controls to protect personal information and regularly review and update our practices to comply with relevant privacy laws and regulations.

As we continue to grow and evolve as a company, our commitment to the privacy and security of our users' information remains steadfast.

We are proud to offer best-in-class privacy practices, enabling our users to collaborate seamlessly with their teams and clients, knowing their data is in safe hands.

Happy contextual collaboration πŸš€.