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February 14, 2024

Iteration X’s AI Project Management Application is Live

What's an AI project management application anyway?
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Imagine having a personal assistant that knows your product, your team, all your documentation and internal files, every project you’ve ever managed and every task you’ve ever created at your company.

Now imagine that this assistant is able to take on the tedious or detail-oriented work in your team, helping you all ship products faster. They could track down information from your internal knowledge base, document issues according to that template you have that no one ever actually fills out, or do comprehensive searches about a specific UI best practice, or the possible causes for an unusual bug.

Now, finally, imagine that this assistant is actually an AI powered with cutting-edge generative and retrieval language and visualization models, and that it lives in the one place where you start work every day: your project management platform.

How much faster would you be at your job?

That is what we are launching today: An AI-native project management application with an embedded AI co-pilot that learns from your team’s knowledge, and helps you build, iterate on, and ship world-class products faster than ever. 

Meet your New AI Project Management Application

The first product we released at Iteration X was an issue and bug capture tool - a browser extension that could take screenshots and video captures straight from your browser, and enable you to share them with other team members with their full context. We have more information on that here.

However, enabling product teams to collaborate on issues without leaving the context of the product they’re building was just the start. 

Our next big release was the Iteration X issue tracker platform, where these captured issues could be pushed directly into the ITX issue tracker, instead of being shared on Jira or Linear. We still offer integrations to Linear, Jira, Asana,, but those are meant to help our users transition more easily into ITX. 

Our next integrations will be focused on reducing workflow interruptions instead. More on that in the features section below.

And now, the vision that we have for in-context, AI-native team collaboration is coming together with our latest release.

The Iteration X Project Management Application Features

Iteration X is now a streamlined, full-featured project management tool with everything your team needs to manage projects and track issues: tasks with rich text descriptions, attachments, assignees and @mentions in comment threads, due dates, custom statuses and labels, flexible filters, and more. On top of this powerful project management application, we’ve built:

Context-aware AI copilot for project management:

The ITX Copilot uses your team’s knowledge base (native Documents, integrations and project history) to help execute all types of tasks, from design to development to project management.

It’s incredibly specific to your own context and product, and can be used to make code or design recommendations based on attached scripts or images, or help restructure tasks or create new documents, or search for best practices and solutions on the web and summarize them for the right team member.

You can see the ITX Copilot in action in our interactive demo on the homepage.

One-click issue capture tool:

We’ve iterated on the Quick Capture browser extension to make it more flexible than ever. Now users can create an issue with attached context in 1 click, instantly sharing screenshots, videos, and session logs from both web and mobile apps, in a well-documented format that developers will love. The little plus? Every Quick Capture issue makes it possible to jump back in the context where it was taken in one click.

AI-assisted task creation and management (coming soon):

Iteration X’s AI-assisted features suggest assignees, priorities, labels and statuses that can be accepted in one click, to ensure all tasks are well-written, fully documented, and assigned to the right collaborators and with the right labels.

Powerful native integrations:

Iteration X integrates with your existing project management tools and issue trackers to make collaboration and onboarding easier. We already integrate with Linear, Jira, Asana,, but we’ll soon be going live with a Slack integration to turn conversations into tasks, and a Github integration to keep the team’s information about releases and updates aligned.

We also have more integrations in the work, such as Notion and Drive, and are talking with our users to learn what they would like us to add to the roadmap.

Data privacy, security, and segregation:

Because the ITX AI Copilot learns from your internal knowledge base, we take data security and privacy very seriously. Iteration X is fully GDPR compliant and ISO27001/27701 and SOC II Type 2 certified, and will never use your data for model training. Learn more about Security at Iteration X.

Iteration X immediately fit into our QA process and drastically sped it up. It just works better with how we identify, reproduce and document issues before we move anything forward in the cycle. The Quick Capture tool in particular, with the integrations it offers, is excellent.

Kevin Smouts, Co-Founder at Zygon

Who is the ITX issue tracker for?

For Product Owners:

Product Owners get a bird's-eye view with Iteration X. The Team view gives them as much granularity as they need with powerful filters and configurable labels and statuses. With the help of the ITX Copilot, they can speed through time-consuming work such as creating tasks, documenting them, assigning them to the right people or researching anything related to an issue. Focusing on value-added deep work becomes a lot easier.

The real boost, however, comes from using the ITX Copilot to help them not just organize and document, but execute tasks. From their task feed, they can run web searches, analyze text, numbers, code, or even images to understand the logic behind someone else’s work, make recommendations, or suggest the best way to split up a workstream or make progress on the roadmap.

For Developers:

Developers on Iteration X get a shortcut to solving issues, as they don’t need to leave their task feed until it’s time to write some code. Recreating a bug, documenting an issue, dealing with duplicates, navigating between their issue tracker and the product they’re building - it’s all reduced to the absolute minimum. 

The ITX Copilot digs up information related to new bugs, like past fixes and code snippets, but it can also run fresh web searches to make relevant and succinct suggestions on potential fixes. The 1-click Quick Capture extension makes sure all the browser information is documented, the right visual elements are precisely captured, and the link to the issue in its context is always 1 scroll away. 

For Designers:

With the Quick Capture Extension, designers can capture anything they see on their browsers, mark it up, and send it over to the developers in one click. The automatically created issue will be documented with browser information, logs, and URLs, making it easy to navigate from the issue tracker to the issue in its context, and vice-versa. No more back-and-forth emails or lost details. 

“We used Iteration X to bring over 50 people together to redesign the Aircall website, and reduced our timeline by 30%. The contextual aspect and the ease of capturing issues and collaborating on them makes Iteration X much more effective than anything I have seen before.”  

Charlotte Graff - Senior Studio Manager at Aircall

While we’re building Iteration X with nimble, front-end heavy product teams in mind, its AI-native project management capabilities make it really powerful for a wide range of other use cases, from QA to agency work to Marketing, Sales, or Customer Support.  

We founded Iteration X right around the time ChatGPT was taking the world by storm. Commercially available AI has been growing extremely fast since then, and will only accelerate going forward. 

We’re not the only team to think that generative and retrieval-based AI can be used in ways that are much more impactful than just generating summaries. However, achieving more than incremental improvements is hard if you’re only bringing AI into play after you’ve built an entire suite of products, on an ad-hoc basis. 

Iteration X’s roadmap takes that into account; that’s what we mean by ‘AI-native’. So give the ITX Copilot a try, and watch this space for more.

Iteration X users build great products faster

Iteration X is more than a project management platform or an issue tracker with a bug capture tool. It’s a powerful AI collaboration application that amplifies your team's impact.
One of my favourite Chrome Extensions, makes issue tracking SUPER fast!
Andrey Vinitsky's avatar on Iteration X Chrome store review
Andrey Vinitsky
Iteration X is a great Chrome extension that helps you to highlight the Bugs on anywhere on the page and easily share with developers. It should also provides facility to manage multiple projects and store all the defects information related to it in separate folders.

I would highly recommend to use this product!
Mohammad Adil's avatar on Iteration X Chrome store review
Mohammad Adil
Super easy to use and navigate - even non-techy people can adapt quickly.
Juliet Destura's avatar on Iteration X Chrome store review
Juliet Destura
I used Iteration X as a first time user and it was quite intutive and easy to use. Allows to pinpoint any part of a website to identify
potential UX UI related design issues.

It can be used to review any website and collaborate with others who can view the
reviews as well together.
Prashant B's avatar on Iteration X Chrome store review
Prashant B
Honestly, it's the most productive chrome extension that I have used in my career for documenting issues that we face building and developing a web application. The best part is the way it pins the area where the issue actually is and you can navigate to that very easily. And also the shortcuts to create and save the issues are amazing.

So, as far as I'm concerned, I'm definitely gonna use this one in my chrome productivity tools from now on!
Bilal Tufail Khan's avatar on Iteration X Chrome store review
Bilal Tufail Khan
Great application that allows smooth collaboration between web designer and users!
Nikki Yeo's avatar on Iteration X Chrome store review
Nikki Yeo
I adore using IterationX because it helps me and my team collaborate more precisely and productively.

The simplicity of it is unbeatable.
Zeeshan Vertex's avatar on Iteration X Chrome store review
Zeeshan Vertex
Amazing extension that made my communication with developers much easier!
Ekaterina Shevyakova's avatar on Iteration X Chrome store review
Ekaterina Shevyakova
Iteration X is a wonderful tool that can help you to select and give any suggestion for anyone whom it concerns.

It makes your life easy!
Bikila Habtamu's avatar on Iteration X Chrome store review
Bikila Habtamu
Coming across this tool was  really good.

Its is an easy to use tool with good user experience. Its a great tool for UI/UX designers to collaborate on any project that requires this tool.
Waribugo Godspower's avatar on Iteration X Chrome store review
Waribugo Godspower
It's really easy to use app and I loved it for bug capturing.
Sohaib Munir's avatar on Iteration X Chrome store review
Sohaib Munir
It really make me to post issues and also make comments on a web page. It also user friendly and makes my work more easy. I wish i could rate it more than 5 stars.
Ahmed Yusuf's avatar on Iteration X Chrome store review
Ahmed Yusuf
A great tool to highlight issues on a website with ease and complexity at the same time.
Waribugo Godspower's avatar on Iteration X Chrome store review
Roshan Aziz
It's a really useful app in regards to UI UX point of view. Provide easy feedback with user-friendly interface.
Mohsin Amir's avatar on Iteration X Chrome store review
Mohsin Amir
Great tool for iteration, fast, quick and easy with many great features!
HypcynTaH Hypran's avatar on Iteration X Chrome store review
HypcynTaH Hypran
This is very helpful and great tool to raise any issues on websites! 100% recommended!
Clarisa Santos' avatar on Iteration X Chrome store review
Clarisa Santos
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