Sync your Iteration X issues with Linear directly from the issue details page.


Iteration X integrates with Linear, enabling contextual collaboration for digital teams. With this integration, users can create, manage, and collaborate on issues directly from Iteration X. Annotated issues from any live website or web app are instantly converted into Linear issues, complete with relevant context, links, and screenshots. Team members can access and collaborate on these issues within Linear, ensuring that communication, progress tracking, and issue resolution are all centralized and efficient.


To connect Linear to Iteration X follow these steps:

1- Connect to your Iteration X account.
2- Select the team you want to connect to your Linear.
3- On the left menu, click on Connectors.
4- Click on the Connect button in the Linear integration.
5- Accept the conditions and enjoy your integration.

How it works

Once an issue is created using Iteration X, you have the possibility to send the issue with all its context to you preferred Linear project.

1- Go to the Issue details page.
2- Choose Linear integration and click on Create issue.
3- You can now select the team you want to send the issues to and add a short a description if you want.
4- Once you're done, click send and you'll have an issue created in the selected Linear team with all the context and screenshot.